October 11, 2014

Saturday. It’s hard to give myself permission to do nothing on the weekends, because lately the weekends are the only days when I feel like I have enough time to work on extracurriculars. 

A few months ago I moved most of my recording gear into a rack at WXDU, with two goals: 

  1. Less time loading in & setting up for live [music] shows
  2. Being able to train other DJs & then turn them loose to do their own live recording/production/on-air stuff

And then I promptly stopped booking bands. Or maybe I had already stopped booking bands & had formulated this plan as a strategic attempt to nudge me to book bands again.

I’ve had slow periods before, so I’m not particularly concerned, but it has put more of my mental focus on #2. Which is how I found myself sitting on the sofa on a lovely Saturday afternoon, writing documentation for a bunch of studio gear – documentation aimed at complete novices, which means I’m actually writing a beginner’s how-to guide to studio production.

This could take a while.

After lunch we walked over to the new Central Park Cohousing building across the way from us, and took a tour (it was one of the stops on the AIA Triangle tour this year). The apartments are lovely spaces. They made an interesting choice to design most of the apartments with at least one windowless bedroom, so as to maximize windows in the spaces occupied by non-sleeping people. Our old apartment had one windowless bedroom & I liked how quiet & cavelike it was (well, except for when the girl directly above us came home & vomited at 2:30 a.m. on the reg). But M says she’d literally never be able to wake up & get out of bed without sunlight.

As for the cohousing components, definitely not my thing, but more power to them. Love all the art hanging in the hallways. The average age of the residents we met seemed to be somewhere in the 50s; I wonder if they’ll be able to backfill vacancies with younger folks, or if they’ll all wind up caring for each other until they can’t anymore.

Tried Blu Seafood for dinner for the first time in years. We were easily able to get a table at 7:00 on a Saturday night, and once we’d been there for a few minutes, it felt like that was because they have about 2x as many people crammed in there as is really comfortable. 

Also, memo to the chef: Unless you’re cooking at the restaurant of the same name, it’s time to get the chipotle off the menu. It’s 2014.

Still: It’s hard to fuck up good raw oysters.

Came home, watched 4 more episodes of Transparent. The flashback episode was a wonderful piece of television, although my enthusiasm for it was also due to the fact that the asshole kids weren’t in it (as their adult asshole selves, anyway). 

It seems like part of the goal of the show is to illustrate how difficult & painful it can be for a parent to come out as trans, but I feel like that would carry a little more weight if the kids weren’t so shitty to begin with.

Here is a thing that I saw on the internet. It is fascinating, and more than a little adorable, and I find it so sad that literally none of the things cited by the people in the video as reasons for voting are actually going to be remotely changeable by voting in an election in the US in 2014:

October 11, 2014

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