2010 Annotated List

Again: Consolidating stuff from a variety of defunct previous sites/sources.

Annotated Top-10 Albums

December 30 2010, 1:15pm

My friend Glenn is running a ripoff of the Voice’s Pazz & Jop poll, so I actually whittled my list down to 10 and put them in order.

Then I tweeted the results, which I’m posting here for posterity:

#10: Champions of Imperfection by @dirtylittleheat [ers]. If you knew ‘em, you already knew they loved Sabbath & Deep Purple. This proved it

#9: Daydreamnation by Double Negative. If I didn’t do so much listening while sitting still, this likely would’ve placed a lot higher.

#8: Into Nostalgia by @honoredguests. It’s funny, because I’ve never paid much attention to Radiohead, Wilco etc, as these guys clearly have

#7: DBLSCRT by Le Weekend. This band is from outer space, or someplace where it’s normal to record every song in 2 vastly different versions

#6: Jamón, by In the Year of the Pig. Live, they pile on a groove ’til it collapses. On record, they pile on a groove ’til YOU collapse.

#5: American Gong by Quasi. No album got more in-car spins than this one; I’m not ashamed to admit it was an endless “Repulsion” singalong.

#4: Flotsam & Krill by The Tender Fruit. I try to avoid RIYLs, but if ½ the people loving @sharonvanetten heard this record …

#3: Live in Miami 1984 by Black Congo NC. Not Miami, not 1984 – but even less probably Charlotte 2010. Yang to the Dirty Projectors’ Yin.

#2: Sunny Down Snuff by @lastyearsmen. Would I still love this SO MUCH if I hadn’t seen ’em live? Probably, but thankfully ’tis moot.

#1: Have One On Me by Joanna Newsom. Before I heard it, maybe I thought: 3 CDs? Excessive. Now: Can’t imagine it being any shorter. Perfect.

2010 Annotated List

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