January 2-3, 2015

Finally started feeling well enough to leave the house & eat in restaurants again. This basically resulted in eating like three meals in a row at Geer St. Garden. Hard to argue with their seafood gumbo, tho.

Friday night we watched Girl, Interrupted, which neither of us had seen before. It’s a curious thing – it’s packed to the gills with celebrities, including quite a few (Elisabeth Moss, Clea DuVall) who are huge personal faves now, but who were just starting out then. Plus of course Winona, Angelina & Whoopi. And Jeffrey Tambor!

There are so many of them that it’s actually nearly impossible to suspend disbelief & just watch it as a bunch of characters interacting. 

And of course it’s also kind of overwrought & voice-overy in places.

Saturday we went to the Raleigh Grande to see Foxcatcher. Good lord Steve Carrell is astonishing. But mostly I kept thinking to myself “why is this so long?” It was clearly going for some kind of super-atmospheric personality/relationship piece, but for all the greatness of both Carrell’s and Channing Tatum’s performances, neither of them was particularly verbal, and they rarely actually interacted much.

So yeah, I dunno, I got bored. There’s only so much freakwatching I can do at one sitting, I guess. But man, Carrell’s John E du Pont is a FREAK.

Had dinner at Saigon Grill, which now closes at 7:30. I don’t get that. But the pho was divine.

January 2-3, 2015

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