November 10-11, 2014

Monday afternoon was spent excavating the room at WXDU that’s called the “engineering closet” but which is basically the room-size equivalent of the junk drawer (if the junk drawer can double as a server room). There may have been a time when it was just for storing & working on electronic equipment, but that mission has long since crept beyond any attempt to parameterize it.

So I consolidated a lot of half-full boxes of t-shirts and recycled way too many cardboard boxes. But I also threw away a metric ton of obsolete computer peripherals. I tried to vacuum and learned that my miniature shop-vac loves to suck in styrofoam peanuts, chop them into smaller bits, and then blow them out its rear exhaust port.

I’m realizing now that I should have taken before & after photos. Sigh.

Anyway. There’s nothing like an afternoon of simple goal-oriented manual labor to wipe out all of the nagging thoughts that have been running around your head, clamoring for attention. This can be problematic when your to-do list system basically consists of thoughts running around your head, but I figure an occasional reset of that list is probably for the best.

Showed M “Too Many Cooks.” No response worth memorializing here.

Tuesday at work involved unpacking my new, absurdly wide-screen monitor & setting it up, and then trying to recreate the aforementioned mental to-do list. 

I just spent 15 minutes trying to find a non-crappy handheld magnifying glass on the Internet. That was a lot harder than it needed to be. 

I’m still enjoying the new William Gibson. He unabashedly jumps right in with this unexplained mechanism involving 2-way electronic communication between the present and some alternate forked past, and I’m fine with that. My big problem with Interstellar, in retrospect, was that it wasted so much time acting all sciencey and *then* totally abandoned science when it really counted. I felt like I’d been dragged through an advanced physics course for no good reason.

November 10-11, 2014

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