November 26, 2014

The snow in Virginia postponed a planned trip to the Roanoke area by a day, leaving me at loose ends. Should have been a study day, but honestly I temporarily forgot that every day this week is supposed to be a study day. Was so annoyed at everything in the world that I just surfed the web and read comic books.

Comic book, that is, Strong Female Protagonist, which is loose and jokey and kind of web-comicy, which I guess makes sense, because it is:

Braved the wet and the mysterious crowds at Morgan Imports to have a BLT at Parker and Otis. It’s a damn fine BLT.

Dinner at Gocciolina, because I was about to leave town, and M wasn’t. It’s always just so good.

Saw Birdman, which is quite the tour de force. But I’m in the mountains of Virginia, writing this on my phone, so my thoughts on that will be written on my laptop tonight & uploaded whenever I get a chance.

November 26, 2014

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