October 13, 2014


OK, not really, but it’s a safe bet that right about now, the Baker 13 are lathering up in the bathroom next door to my freshman-year dorm room. I never ran (although I made one of what I’m sure must be many many short student documentaries about the phenomenon).

Switching gears: There has been mass civil disobedience in St. Louis this weekend, culminating in a lot of building takeovers today & tonight. It’s exciting to follow it on Twitter; I recommend Shaun King as a good single-stop resource.

So much lately has my mind been on Ferguson, St. Louis, police brutality, institutional racism et al, that this morning when I walked past a truck with a Cardinals sticker on it, literally the first word that came to mind was “racist.”

Because this.

In other news, I did a remote video briefing this evening to a classroom full of Cornell MBAs. They had some kind of fancy remote-instruction camera setup in the classroom, such that each student had a button, and when they wanted to ask a question, they pushed their button, and the camera would do a swish-pan and fast zoom in to that student. It was hilarious. 

I actually found it easier to do the briefing if I just pretended that I was talking to the video window of myself in the corner of my screen. Is that weird?

October 13, 2014

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