October 20, 2014

Monday is never as action-packed as Sunday, so this is going to be pretty short. Work was work. Ran into a former intern who has been pretty bummed lately about ratio of work:recognition in his organization. He told me that he’d gotten fed up, went to his manager & demanded a promotion – and got one. A well-deserved one, too.

Note to people following the Satya Nadella controversy: This is how it should work for women, too. In some organizations I’m fairly certain that’s not currently the case. In our industry at least, though, demand is high enough that one can make ultimatums about walking and actually follow through on them if necessary, without crashing & burning. 

After work, continued watching Lonesome Dove. Tonight’s episode included murders from ambush, the execution of a wounded comrade, the murder, hanging & burning of two random farmers, the execution by hanging of their murderers, including one longtime friend of the main characters, and a brief shot of the aftermath of the murder by Indians of three secondary characters, including one scalping.

Oh yeah, and some moderately direct references to prostitution, and a horsewhipping.

Robert Duvall got to do some good work, and Anjelica Huston finally made her appearance. I’m starting to see some glimmers of actual work going on underneath Tommy Lee Jones’s hat & beard. 

In comparison to Deadwood, it’s basically a children’s show, but it’s still remarkably gory for 80s broadcast television. Now that I think about it, it’s actually gorier than Deadwood – but without any cussing, of course. What an odd pair of “historical” documents they are, together.

October 20, 2014

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