October 28, 2014

Spent an hour or so this morning writing a short essay about why I believe cumulative GPA matters to companies who hire students & recent graduates. It’s here on tumblr, a couple of notes up in my timeline, if you haven’t already read it & wish to.

After lunch we got this video:

I haven’t even looked at the YouTube comments, because the peripheral junk from dudes on Facebook & etc was more than enough for me. Dear dudes who are all innocent-feigning, like “why can’t a guy say hello to a woman on the street?”: DIE IN A FUCKING FIRE.

I say this as someone who is himself on a personal mission to say hi to, or otherwise acknowledge the presence of, more strangers whom I see on the street. I’ll usually say “hey, how ya doing?” to men, but with women I typically just smile, without even really going out of my way to make eye contact. Sometimes they smile & nod back, sometimes they don’t. Either way I can’t imagine acting like some of the egregious assholes in that video.

But as bad as those jerks in the video are, I think the asshole on Facebook who managed to be racist, classist *and* sexist in one obnoxious mansplainy comment is probably worse. I’d link or excerpt his comment, except I was so aggravated by it that I blocked him.

I have friends who like to engage with ass-backward assholes on the regular, but I’m sorry, life is hard enough as it is.

October 28, 2014

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