October 5, 2014

Sunday Times & comic books. This has been linked 1000x (and the pix themselves have been shown before) but still, Nicholas Nixon’s 40-year photo series of his wife & her sisters is mindblowing & should be linked again.

Other good stuff in the Times this weekend:

Maggie asked me if I would buy actual paper comix if there were a comic book store on the ground floor of our building & I think it’s safe to say that if there were, we’d have a problem. Not a bad problem, though.

But I’m really pretty much a comix n00b, and I have fairly restrictive tastes, so who knows. One thing I know is that it’s long past time for me to branch out from just reading Image titles.

Sunday pre-show listening/reviewing:

I have a new DJ training with me at WXDU & today I found out he’s a freshman from New Delhi. When I was 18 I thought I was kind of brave to have moved 1200 miles from home to go to college. Heh.

Dinner at Dos Perros; I can’t stop ordering the mezcal-based margaritas on the menu. Given that it’s currently impossible to buy decent mezcal in NC ABC stores, I guess it’s reasonably logical to order these things, instead of things I could easily make at home.

Watched The Central Park Five. As if I needed another data point to verify that cops, and the criminal justice system in general (um, and America in general, I guess), are actively working to destroy the lives of young black men. 

Their coerced “confessions” were videotaped, but the 24+ hours of interrogations leading up to them were not. Thankfully that, at least, seems to be slowly changing, at least in some jurisdictions. 

October 5, 2014

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