October 6, 2014

It always takes a little while, at the start of every recruiting season, to calibrate one’s level of empathy such that you don’t wind up passing folks on to the next interview when you know they’re just going to fail it miserably. I feel like that calibration process is actually happening more quickly this year, at least.

What happened today? I listened to the latest YOB and liked it better than the other ones I’ve listened to previously. So that’s at least one metal album that I’m into this year.

The Supreme Court refused to hear a bunch of different appeals of lower court rulings striking down anti-same-sex marriage laws, which means that in those jurisdictions, those laws remain null & void. But what that means for the rest of the country remains unclear. Meanwhile, it’s all but certain that the Roberts Court is going to screw us all over in myriad other ways, including more attempted gutting of the Affordable Care Act.

Dinner was an excellent gumbo at Geer St. Garden. The evening has involved watching computer science lectures on YouTube and struggling with which microphone to use for an online videoconference. All investment in the future; precious little payoff in the present. Oh well. We’ll always have YOB.

October 6, 2014

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