Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cold front came through. Day started at like 63, peaked at around 71, and is currently headed towards the mid 40s overnight. Humidity dropped, sky became a fabulous blue:

Spent the morning installing a new smart wi-fi enabled, internet connected thermostat. To replace our older smart wi-fi enabled, internet connected thermostat. This involved (for reasons too complicated & ultimately boring to go into here) climbing around inside a closet, and splicing a bunch of thermostat wires.

I didn’t have any small wire nuts, so for once in my life I walked across the street to Public Hardware. *And* they had more or less what I was looking for. I mean, they always have more or less what you’re looking for, but in this case it was actually pretty close to right.

Went to Geer St, sat at the bar next to the open door, shivered when the wind blew through the building, ate a burger. First shivers of the fall, I guess. 

Spent the afternoon & evening in Carrboro. Bowbarr to sit outside & catch up on gossip. Gourmet Kingdom. Cat’s Cradle for the Girls Rock NC 10th Anniversary Rally. So much good energy. 

Cosmic Punk may or may not still be in high school – they’re the only alumni band who played – but in any case, they were 5x better than when I saw them in March:

Silent Lunch were at least 3x better tonight than they were a month ago at Hopscotch, and maybe that’s practice, or maybe that’s just what happens when you’re playing to a room full of rad supportive women & girls instead of a bored chatty crowd at Tir Na Nog.

Left during Ex Hex because I still can’t hear anything but the gaps where I wish a 2nd guitar were playing.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

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