Hopscotch 2015 recap, Day 1

It seemed like it was gonna be a weird year for Hopscotch — as I said to a number of people, there weren’t really any OH MY GOD artists for me this year, nobody where I thought to myself “how the hell did they pull that off?” Nobody where I was 100% certain that I MUST be at a certain venue at a certain time to see them.

That turned out not really to matter, though. There were a few flat moments in my schedule, sure — but that has been the case every year, since the folks who run the festival persist in NOT asking for my help in laying out the schedule according to my personal tastes.

And in fact, once I had bought my ticket & determined that I had no must-see tent-pole bands to orient my schedule around, I think I wound up spending more time listening to everyone playing the festival than I had in some previous years, and made a few discoveries that I might otherwise have missed.

(In contrast, when I go back & skim through the schedules from previous years, I see quite a few names of folks whom I skipped at the time but whom I now dearly love — maybe there were impossible schedule conflicts for some of them, but I may have also lazily bypassed them in my pre-fest listening. Lesson learned.)

So: My festival started at around 2:30 Thursday afternoon, with a day party at Kings (the place where I’ve probably spent the most Hopscotch time, if only because we’ve thrown a day party there every year for the past few years).

Day parties are tailor-made for catching up on local artists whom you’re too old/tired/lame to have seen before otherwise. I know & love the music of Doom Asylum & Nest Egg, but hadn’t seen either of them. Minimal techno performed live, and krautrocky psych jams, respectively. What’s not to love?

Doom Asylum
Nest Egg

It was also another chance to see one of my favorite NY bands, Guardian Alien, who played Hopscotch in 2012 (twice — once on the official schedule plus a quick pick-up set at Neptune’s — and yes, after seeing them the first time I made a point of seeking out their second set). This was also the first of many sets I saw by Guardian Alien drummer Greg Fox, who was drafted at the last minute to serve as the festival’s Improviser in Residence.

Guardian Alien

Greg was ostensibly in town to play Hopscotch in one of his other bands, Zs. But in addition to the Thursday Guardian Alien set, we had also booked Greg to perform an improv set with electronic artist Jefre Cantu-Ledesma at our Friday WXDU day party. So when he got on the plane to fly in on Thursday, he had three gigs on his schedule. By the time he flew out early this morning, he had played nine.

I first saw Greg play with the transcendental black metal band Liturgy at Kings in 2010, and while he is phenomenally fast, what’s really striking is his fluidity, his relaxed grip & stance, the flow state he clearly enters when he’s drumming.

Perhaps even more importantly — particularly in the context of this year’s Hopscotch — he has the improviser’s mindset of always saying “yes, and” & then worrying about the details later. Case in point: I emailed him to ask him to play our day party, having never met him before, and only occasionally interacted with him on Twitter. He replied with an enthusiastic yes 49 minutes later.

Anyway. Greg Fox. Phenomenal guy. Hopscotch 2015 MVP x1000.

After realizing (repeatedly, sadly) that City Plaza can ruin nearly any band for me, even longtime faves, I generally avoid it. So I sat out the sudden intense downpour from the safety of a barstool at Ashley Christensen’s newest restaurant, Death and Taxes. They specialize in wood-fired everything, courtesy of some ultra-fancy piece of kit that AC ordered from someplace far away. I browsed through a range of appetizers, had a couple of delicious (and intense, and somewhat esoteric) cocktails, and watched the sky open up.

My first official Hopscotch band of 2015 was my old friends Lud, who have been around in one form or another since the early 90s. They’re the best band in the Triangle, whether anyone else knows it or not. They only have one of their ~6 albums up on bandcamp, but since they’re all excellent, it’s an excellent one.


Stayed until the last glorious note rung out, then wandered over to the Lincoln to catch a bit of Some Army, whose long-delayed debut album is ready to go, but still not quite officially released. They spent a huge amount of time on it, so I hope it makes a suitable splash when it finally debuts.

At the Lincoln they were playing in the dark, covered by projections, which worked OK, I guess, although they’re not really a psych band & honestly I would have liked to have seen their faces. They are nice people.

Some Army

There was metal to be seen, but I was trying to postpone for a bit — even my ears have limits — so I jogged over to the other end of town to see a bit of Xylouris White. Honestly, although Jim White has played on some amazing albums (including one of my Desert Island Discs, Catpower’s Moon Mix), their combo of drums + lute wasn’t holding my interest after a few minutes, so I bounced.

Xylouris White

(This being, for better or worse, what one does at Hopscotch — it’s right there in the name.)

Solar Halos are one of the bright lights of the local metal scene — their debut album sums them up well, so go stream it. They were great. They always are.

Solar Halos

(The endless red/purple light at the Pour House doesn’t make the iPhone image sensor too happy, clearly.)

I was hoping for more from Boston’s Fórn, whose 2014 album, The Departure of Consciousness, is actually a pretty great slab of blackened funeral doom. And yes, they were loud, and reasonably tight, and good for any number of definitions of that word, but they still didn’t quite do it for me, probably because singer Chris Pinto’s range of screechy yowls doesn’t approach that of Mike Scheidt, and I’ve been listening to too much VHOL and Yob recently.


Or maybe I was just tired. It had been a long day, and it was only the first of three. And Friday was gonna be a doozy — I had an 8:00 a.m. alarm set so I could be in Raleigh by 10:30 for day party load-in.

So rather than stick around for Iron Reagan, or run next door to see Lydia Loveless (two things that should have been in pretty heavy contention), I found my car & headed home to Durham.

Hopscotch 2015 recap, Day 1

September 3 – 8, 2015

Anniversaries: I’m turning 45 sometime soon. Plus, near as I can tell, this week marks the 20th anniversary of me joining WXDU. I hadn’t realized until I dredged up that link that my first shift on XDU happened on my birthday. And, according to that email, I apparently spent that birthday doing 6 hours of radio at two different stations.

Friday night we went to see Mistress America, which has been marketed as Noah Baumbach + Greta Gerwig doing an homage to screwball comedy, but which is actually Noah Baumbach + Greta Gerwig doing an homage to Whit Stillman. It has its moments — or at least one devastating moment that should have been closer to the ending than it was — but overall I don’t know that I’ll be reflecting upon it in years to come. And I’m somebody who has seen Metropolitan more than twice.

Over the weekend we watched An Honest Liar, a documentary about The Amazing Randi, and Deceptive Practice: the Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay. I guess this is continued fallout from having seen Penn & Teller in NYC last month. The Randi documentary was terribly edited, but fascinating. Ricky Jay is also fascinating, but he’s also extraordinarily guarded as a person, so you’re left, perhaps fittingly, unsure whether you’re getting the truth.

Monday night we watched A Dangerous Method, which is ostensibly about the relationship between Jung and Freud, but is primarily actually about Keira Knightley’s lower jaw. So if you’re into that, go for it. It’s late-period Cronenberg, which is to say that he’s still horrified by bodies but he expresses it in a somewhat more naturalistic way. And he’s also clearly horrified by minds. I used to really love him, but I haven’t seen his most recent two movies, and this one didn’t leave me feeling compelled to correct that.

Looking ahead, Hopscotch starts tomorrow. I’ve been fairly heavily involved in the planning for the WXDU / WXYC / WKNC day party at Kings on Friday, so I’m mostly looking forward to that. I’m also super-psyched about the lineup for the Orientation in Space VI party at Kings on Thursday afternoon — Daniel Bachman + a couple of local electronic freaks + Asheville psych/krautrockers Nest Egg + the astonishing Guardian Alien.

I bought a wristband, though, so I should probably think about who I’d like to see after dark. A tentative list of where you might find me:

  • Lud
  • Some Army
  • Xylouris White
  • SOON
  • Wahyas
  • Morbids
  • Solar Halos
  • Silent Lunch
  • Lizzo
  • Mamiffer
  • Forn
  • Patois Counselors
  • Lydia Loveless
  • Naked Naps
  • Nathan Golub
  • HeCTA
  • Escher
  • Faults
  • New Music Raleigh
  • Wizard Rifle
  • Nots
  • Moon Duo
  • Zeena Parkins
  • No Love
  • Tombs
  • Jenks Miller + Rose Cross NC
  • Big Ups
  • Natalie Prass
  • Le1f
  • Old Man Gloom
  • Blaxxx
  • Pile
  • Boulevards
  • Bandages
  • Moenda
  • Warehouse
  • Ian William Craig
  • Drippy Inputs
  • Microkingdom
  • Hanz
  • Sarah Louise
  • Cakes da Killa
  • Mary Lattimore + Jeff Zeigler
  • Choked Out
  • Chelsea Wolfe
  • Sheer Mag
  • Jessica Pratt
  • Hank Wood + the Hammerheads
  • Zs

None of whom I’m totally over the moon about, but all of whom I’m at least moderately interested in seeing. I’m pretty sure I’ll have fun, assuming that my schedule is off-center enough to allow me to actually get in to the shows I want to get into. I didn’t get a VIP wristband this year, after pretty much never using them the previous 5 years that I did get them.

OK, enough. I need to go work on computing projects for 6 hours.

September 3 – 8, 2015

August 19 – 27, 2015

Just got home from seeing Tangerine, which I heartily recommend to all of y’all. I was going to say that it was the best movie I’ve seen all year, but it has been a good year for movies (It Follows, Mad Max Fury Road, etc) so we’ll just say it’ll definitely be making my top-10 at the end of the year. It follows two sex workers in LA on Christmas Eve, along with an Armenian taxi driver and his extended family. Both lead actresses are transwomen. The entire thing was shot on iPhones. It’s messy and anarchic and sloppy and foul-mouthed and totally filled with life. It made me feel like independent films used to make me feel in the 80s and early 90s, i.e. more Slacker/Clerks, less Little Miss Sunshine.

This week has otherwise been pretty quiet — my interns left on the 19th, so I’ve been doing wrap-up stuff at work, and have otherwise been able to start thinking more clearly about what I want to see at Hopscotch, and then a few weeks later, at Afropunk ATL.

In order to assist with the Hopscotch planning, I once again put together a Google Calendar of all the shows, both daytime and nighttime. See my earlier post for details. I typically use it by creating a second custom calendar & copying my shortlist picks over to it, and then hiding the original.

I already made a shortlist, but now that I have a little more breathing room, I’m liable to go back and re-listen to everything again. One thing is for certain, though: I’ll be at Kings for the WXDU/WXYC/WKNC Day Party on Friday, September 11. Won’t you join me?

Last Friday night my friend K & I drove to Winston-Salem to see High on Fire and Pallbearer at Ziggy’s. I’d never been there, neither this location or the previous, more-or-less outdoor one. It’s a weird room — big and boxy and industrial, with a balcony like the Lincoln or the Ritz, but somehow smaller than either of those venues. It actually sounded pretty good once someone who knew what they were doing, and cared, was running the mix.

At the bar, the special was a 32oz “rum bucket” for $10. There was a big pile of plastic Malibu-branded buckets on the bar. I didn’t see any of the metalheads drinking out of them. Weird vibe all around, but everyone seemed to be in a good mood. Pallbearer were great. High on Fire were . . . loud. I actually love their new record (and the songs they played from it definitely stuck out as superior), but mostly it was a lot of riffing and a lot of Matt Pike bellowing and after 25 minutes I felt like I pretty much got the picture.

On Monday the 24th, Chicago music critic Jessica Hopper tweeted the question “Gals/other marginalized folks: what was your 1st brush (in music industry, journalism, scene) w/ idea that you didn’t “count”?” She then retweeted all of the replies, hundreds of them. It overwhelmed my Twitter feed, off and on, for the next several days.

Someone did a Storify of a huge chunk of them. You need to go read it.

Speaking of Twitter, I usually skim back through my timeline when I sit down to write one of these, because my memory is terrible. And I have to say, it’s usually a pretty good read, my Twitter timeline. Even on days when it’s 95% retweets, there’s some quality filtering happening.

August 19 – 27, 2015

May 19-24, 2015

Yesterday it was announced that another black-owned business downtown, Hairizon (next door to Toast) will have to move because their building has been sold. They say it’s going to be turned into condos. I can’t imagine that the ground-floor retail space is going to become residential, but for whatever reason, they won’t be able to stay there. We’ll see what winds up there – and whether it’s as white and bougie as I expect it will be.

These are the same folks who struggled back after their store was destroyed by a drunk driver who barreled the wrong way down Morris St & headlong into their storefront: 

So they’ve started a crowdfunding campaign to raise capital for the move. Like most such campaigns, it’s not so much an investment drive as it is a donation drive, although some of its premiums at least offer a credit at 50% of the amount of the donation. 

These folks have been in business for four years, which would suggest that their business model is reasonably sound. It’s not at all surprising that they can’t source capital in “traditional” ways – small business lending has never recovered from the financial crisis of 2008, and it was always biased against anyone who wasn’t a white man with an established network anyway.

But it’s possible to structure a crowdfunding campaign in such a way that the investors actually get a return on their investment, or at least get their money back. CocoaCinnamon have become the local experts at this. 

Even then, though, successful crowdfunding campaigns are less about the soundness of your business plan, and more about how media savvy you are. Although with the rise of social media as marketing platform, I suppose exhibiting savvy at crowdfunding might be a reasonable proxy for savvy at marketing in general.

In any case, I wish them luck. But I also wonder whether they would be more successful if they restructured their campaign to offer something closer to an actual return on the investment.


This past week was hectic. On Tuesday the Hopscotch lineup was announced. Again this year there’s nothing to rival, say, sunn o))) at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium … but how many experiences like that are there waiting to occur? You can’t expect an annual festival to consistently create once-in-a-lifetime events. (or, I mean, you can, but you’ll probably be disappointed)

Looking back at previous lineups, in fact, what I notice is that in several cases, the shows I was most psyched about – Fucked Up, Swans, Pallbearer – were at the time ultra-rare, but are now seemingly annual events. Fucked Up played Hopscotch in 2010 and then played the Triangle twice in 2011, and have been back again more recently. 

Was this just coincidental timing with the rise of their prominence in the US, fueled by some great records & a deal with Matador? Or was (is) one real contribution of Hopscotch that it turns bands on to the fact that the Triangle is a viable market? I think that’s an emphatic yes. The Hopscotch dividend has been paying & paying for 5+ years now.

Mostly, though, when I look back at old lineups, I’m reminded of how few of the bands you actually get to see at any given Hopscotch. Even if you’re ultra-disciplined & only catch 20 minutes of each set, you’re probably going to hit at most ~12 bands a night, which still only gives you 36 out of the 138 bands who play.

And I usually only wind up catching maybe 20 bands (plus day parties, which is a whole different thing). I *think* I have 20+ bands that interest me enough this year. I have some more listening to do. It’s still fewer than in most previous years – like I said, there are no “holy shit” moments for me in this lineup – but as long as the ones I like don’t all wind up booked in a single timeslot against each other, I’ll be into it.

On the local front, on the one hand it’s disappointing to see some of the same bands coming back year after year, while others still wait to be invited. But on the other hand, I’ve been working my way through the list and I’m totally psyched to have been turned on to some locals I’ve either never heard of (Asheville’s Morbids) or had been totally stupidly ignoring for too long (like, say, Naked Naps). 

Tuesday night my friend Mark & I attended a special dinner at Dashi, focused on fermentation. Lots of sour beers, and foods involving miso & kimchi & other funky things. The highlight for me, I think, was the black garlic ice cream with fish sauce brittle. I can also definitively state that most sour beers just aren’t my thing. 

The rest of the week … I don’t remember the rest of the week. I had developed a 15+ issue backlog of New Yorkers that I finally dug my way out from under, so that’s probably part of it. 

Friday night I went to Raleigh with my friend K to see Make, Usnea and Ufomammut. It wasn’t as mindblowing for me as it was for some people – although it was good to near new Make tunes, especially with Luke Herbst now on drums – but it was a good way to empty out the brain and just sort of exist in this plane of raw throbbing noise for a couple of hours.

Saturday evening we attended a screening of American Movie, hosted by Jeff Tweedy, part of this hilariously erratic series at the Carolina Theatre. Tweedy seems like a genuinely good guy. And I was reminded of how much I love Uncle Tupelo’s Anodyne. That’s a good record to be reminded of.

And of course American Movie is still profoundly moving and hysterical, and it was magical to see it in a room full of people, many of whom were there because of Jeff Tweedy & thus (a) hadn’t seen it and (b) didn’t even know what they were in for. That’s actually the best thing about this series, and one reason why I keep going, despite the fact that its organizer is literally the most annoying human being on the planet.

Last night we watched Leviathan. Jesus what a Russian movie. Like, I feel like I know almost nothing about Russia, but nevertheless I feel confident in saying that this is a quintessentially Russian movie. It’s all corruption, drinking, and God. Fascinating. 

May 19-24, 2015

Hopscotch 2015 lineup data

The Hopscotch 2015 lineup was released today.

In order to assist you in making what will undoubtedly be some tough decisions, here’s some data that I’m in a weirdly unique position to be able to provide.

For the past 15+ years I’ve been running a website, trianglerock.com, so I have a database of most of the shows of interest that have happened locally during that time. This isn’t an infallible resource by any means – I miss shows, and I will occasionally skip shows if a day is overloaded already & the bands have stupid names.

But it’s a pretty good record of who’s been through & who hasn’t. I’d say the data below is probably at least 85% accurate. Feel free to point out gaps & errors.

Here, then, are this year’s Hopscotch bands, and the 2-3 most recent times they’ve played locally (if at all), based on my trianglerock.com database. It seems like this might be useful to try to gauge who comes through town regularly, and who rarely, if ever, comes through:

Ace Henderson: 2015-01-29 Cat’s Cradle Back Room; 2015-03-26 Pour House;
Acid Chaperone: 2015-02-12 Tir Na Nog; 2015-04-18 Slims;
Advaeta: 2015-03-27 Slims;
American Aquarium (a lot)
Ameriglow: 2015-03-26 Local 506; 2015-03-18 Nice Price Books;
Bandages: 2015-03-24 Slim’s; 2015-03-07 Nice Price Books;
Battles: 2012-06-10 Cat’s Cradle; 2007-03-24 Local 506;
Big Ups (none)
Birds of Avalon: 2015-04-11 The Pinhook; 2015-04-06 Neptunes;
Black Clouds: 2013-03-17 MotorCo Music Hall;
Blaxxx (none)
Booher (none)
Boulevards: 2015-03-06 Kings; 2015-01-22 Neptunes;
Breathers: 2015-04-01 Kings; 2015-03-05 Tir na Nog; 2015-02-25 Pinhook;
Brief Lives: 2014-11-09 Nice Price Books; 2014-06-01 The Cave;
Bully: 2014-10-20 Local 506;
Cakes Da Killa (none)
Carlitta Durand: 2011-07-14 The Casbah; 2010-12-11 Pour House;
Cashmere Cat (none)
Chaz French (none)
Chelsea Wolfe: 2013-09-10 Local 506; 2013-01-29 Local 506;
Choked Out: 2015-05-06 Prisma Video; 2015-01-23 Kings;
Chulo (none)
Clark (none)
Cloud Becomes Your Hand: 2011-07-25 Nightlight;
Dad & Dad: 2015-05-09 Kings; 2015-04-09 Tir Na Nog;
Daniel Romano: 2013-06-12 Pour House;
Deerhunter: 2014-02-03 Cat’s Cradle; 2013-09-22 Cat’s Cradle;
DJ Earl (none)
Dorthia Cottrell (none)
Drippy Inputs: 2015-05-11 Kings; 2015-04-04 Slim’s;
Dwight Yoakam: 2014-12-10 Carolina Theatre
Echo Courts: 2015-05-21 Neptunes; 2015-05-02 Kings;
Elisa Ambrogio: 2015-01-11 The Pinhook;
Escher: 2015-03-09 Pour House; 2015-01-21 The Maywood
EYEHATEGOD: 2010-06-05 Volume 11 Tavern; 2001-01-10 Kings;
Eyes Low: 2015-04-22 Nightlight;
Father (none)
FAULTS (none)
Flock of Dimes: 2014-10-30 Haw River Ballroom;
Fórn (none)
Godflesh (none)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor: 2012-10-04 Cat’s Cradle; 2003-03-06 Cat’s Cradle;
GoldLink (none)
Grand Champeen: 2010-10-23 Kings; 2004-06-24 Go! Studios Rm. 4;
Grandma Sparrow: 2014-05-18 The Pinhook;
Hank Wood & The Hammerheads (none)
Hanz: 2015-01-23 Kings; 2014-08-15 Kings;
HeCTA (none)
Ian William Craig (none)
Jake Xerxes Fussell: 2015-04-04 Nice Price Books; 2015-04-03 Nightlight;
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (none)
Jenks Miller & Rose Cross NC: 2015-01-24 ArtsCenter; 2014-11-15 Kings;
Jenny Hval: 2014-03-28 Local 506;
Jessica Pratt: 2013-05-15 Cat’s Cradle;
John Chantler (none)
Jubilee (none)
Keath Mead: 2015-05-12 Cat’s Cradle;
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard (none)
Las Rosas: 2015-04-18 Slim’s; 2015-01-09 Nightlight;
Lawrence English (none)
Le1F: 2014-01-31 The Pinhook;
Leapling: 2015-03-13 Nightlight;
Less Western: 2015-05-23 Kings; 2015-03-27 Slim’s;
Leverage Models: 2014-03-03 Slim’s; 2012-06-25 Slim’s;
Lilac Shadows: 2015-04-11 The Pinhook; 2015-04-10 Cat’s Cradle Back Room;
Lizzo (none)
Lost Trail: 2015-05-22 The Cave; 2015-04-30 The Cave;
Loud Boyz (none)
Lud: 2015-01-16 The Kraken; 2015-01-04 The Pinhook;
Luxe Posh (a lot)
Lydia Loveless: 2015-02-11 Motorco Music Hall; 2014-09-23 Motorco Music Hall;
Mac McCaughan: 2015-05-23 Cat’s Cradle Back Room; 2015-04-18 Central Park & Chaz’s;
Mamiffer (none)
Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler: 2014-10-10 The Pinhook;
May Erwin: 2014-10-18 Cat’s Cradle Back Room;
Microkingdom: 2011-11-12 Nightlight; 2008-03-07 Nightlight;
Mitski: 2015-03-07 Local 506;
Moenda: 2010-04-07 Nightlight;
Moon Duo: 2012-10-09 Kings; 2011-03-23 Kings;
Morbids: 2014-01-24 Local 506; 2013-07-27 The Cave;
Mumdance (none)
Must Be The Holy Ghost: 2015-04-09 Tir Na Nog; 2015-03-12 Motorco Music Hall;
Naked Naps: 2015-05-07 Tir Na Nog; 2015-04-14 Slim’s;
Natalie Prass and the Spacebomb Orchestra: 2015-04-17 Haw River Ballroom; 2015-03-27 Kings;
Nathan Golub: 2015-05-17 The Pinhook; 2015-05-16 Nice Price Books;
Natural Causes: 2015-04-05 Duke Coffeehouse; 2015-02-27 The Cave;
New Music Raleigh: Music by Oscar Bettison and Evan Ziporyn (~~)
Nick James: 2015-01-23 Kings; 2014-11-08 Kings;
No Love: 2015-02-07 Lincoln Theater; 2014-12-12 Nice Price Books;
Nocando (none)
Nots (none (?))
Obey City (none)
OBN IIIs: 2014-10-28 Neptunes;
Old Man Gloom (none)
Oulipo: 2015-05-09 Kings; 2015-04-01 Kings;
Outer Spaces: 2015-03-06 Nice Price Books; 2014-11-14 Slim’s;
Owen Pallett: 2010-04-26 Local 506;
Patois Counselors (none)
Peacers (none)
Phil Cook presents Southland Mission: 2015-05-07 Motorco Music Hall; 2014-10-11 Pour House;
Pile: 2012-04-27 Chapel Hill Underground; 2011-02-25 Duke Coffeehouse;
Pill (none)
Porches.: 2014-10-15 Duke Coffeehouse;
Prurient: 2005-09-29 Local 506; 2004-08-11 Nightlight;
Pusha T (none)
River Whyless: 2015-02-27 Kings; 2014-12-19 Pour House;
Roky Erickson (none)
Sannhet: 2015-04-04 Kings;
Sarah Louise (none)
Secret Boyfriend: 2015-02-21 Kings; 2015-02-15 The Pinhook;
Sheer Mag (none)
Shitty Boots: 2015-05-15 Kings; 2015-03-08 Slim’s;
Silent Lunch: 2015-03-20 Local 506; 2015-03-16 The Pinhook;
SkyBlew: 2015-05-23 Cat’s Cradle; 2015-05-22 Deep South (The Bar);
SMLH: 2015-05-09 Cat’s Cradle Back Room; 2015-03-15 Kings;
Solar Halos: 2015-01-17 Local 506; 2014-11-15 Kings;
Some Army: 2015-04-10 Cat’s Cradle Back Room; 2015-03-13 Slim’s;
Soon: 2015-04-23 Slim’s; 2015-04-01 The Cave;
Steve Gunn & The Black Twig Pickers: SG: 2015-05-11 The Pinhook; 2014-10-10 The Pinhook; BTP: annual WXDU/3 Lobed Day Parties; 2011-10-27 Nightlight;
Tashi Dorji: 2014-12-11 Neptunes
The Vibekillers: 2014-11-14 Pour House; 2014-04-16 Slim’s;
thefacesblur: 2015-04-25 Kings; 2015-03-13 Local 506;
Tombs: 2014-10-31 Local 506; 2009-05-29 Cat’s Cradle;
TV on the Radio: 2003-12-02 Gate City Noise;
Tycho: 2014-04-23 Cat’s Cradle; 2012-09-19 Cat’s Cradle;
TZYVYX: 2015-04-29 Pour House; 2014-01-31 Kings;
Wahyas: 2015-05-02 Local 506; 2015-04-05 Duke Coffeehouse;
Warehouse: 2015-04-16 Neptunes; 2015-02-25 The Pinhook;
Wildhoney: 2015-01-21 Nice Price Books;
Wizard Rifle: 2014-11-22 Slim’s; 2012-05-01 Slim’s;
Wovenhand: 2010-10-08 Duke Coffeehouse; 2008-10-07 Local 506;
WYMYNS PRYSYN: 2013-06-28 The Maywood;
X: 2009-06-09 Cat’s Cradle; 2008-05-27 Cat’s Cradle;
Yandrew: 2014-06-22 Kings; 2014-04-16 The Pinhook;
Zack Mexico: 2015-04-30 Tir Na Nog; 2015-03-22 Pour House;
Zeena Parkins (none)
Zs: 2013-03-20 Kings

Hopscotch 2015 lineup data