February 15-18, 2015

This entire expanse of time was consumed by weather-watching. OK, well, not really. But it sleeted! And then warmed up slightly & semi-melted, then snowed apocalyptically for a good 40 minutes, then cleared off. Photos available in posts immediately prior to this one.

Did I have any deep thoughts over this period of time? Probably, but nothing so deep that it’s not encapsulated successfully & succinctly in my Twitter feed. This Tumblog is supposed to be for longer-form things, but sometimes I just think in 140-char bursts.

Themes over there at Twitter: misogyny in tech. Restaurants opening & closing. Robert Christgau is still alive & still reviewing records, and trying in his ham-handed old-white-male kind of way to be raw & sensitive and Truthful. Which is how he winds up kinda fat-shaming Merrill Garbus? Really? 

Tuesday night we watched Nightcrawler. Holy moly what a creepshow. Jake Gyllenhaal did something horrible to his skull in order to play this part. Lesser-known younger Gilroy brother Dan wrote & directed – his first directing gig – and did a good job, assuming that we were looking for another Paul Schrader. Were we?

Everybody on Facebook is posting their top-10 NC bands. It’s incredibly sweet. I’ll have more to say on that in my next post. Or the one after that.

p.s. oh yeah the new Sleater-Kinney is still a lock for Album of the Year. Hasn’t faded one iota.

February 15-18, 2015