November 2, 2014

I don’t think I slept for an extra hour, but I still woke up feeling extra rested, so that’s pretty awesome. But that fleeting moment of restfulness by no means outweighed the hours/days of angst in the spring when the clocks go the other direction.

Sunday Times. Somehow I had missed that the same director, JC Chandor, had made, in fairly rapid succession, Margin Call and All Is Lost. His first two films. Not too shabby, dude.

Speaking of Big Holiday Movies (were we? We were, technically), I realized that I’ve basically only seen every-other Christopher Nolan movie. M refuses to watch his 3rd Batman movie, but it seems like we might at least be able to hit Insomnia & The Prestige before venturing forth later this week to see Interstellar. In IMAX, the first time I will have made the effort to do that since that 2nd Batman movie, which was so not worth it.

I was ~6 years old when Star Wars came out. I wonder whether people who are even 10 years older than I am have the same subconscious, nearly-instinctive urge to assume that every new bigass sci-fi movie is going to be the one to finally Get It Right Again. By now I have been burned so many times more often than I have been rewarded, but still that little voice keeps bubbling away excitedly.

In prepping for my show, I was reminded that Corrosion of Conformity’s big 5-person “Blind”-era lineup is reuniting this coming Sunday to play a show at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh. I pulled the album out & played a track on the air – sadly not “Vote With a Bullet,” since I don’t recall the locations of the profanity accurately enough to edit it on the fly.

It’s still kind of terrible.

It came out in November of 1991, 3 months after Metallica’s Black Album, and just 6 weeks after Nevermind. It’s funny, given what the previous two COC records sounded like, that Blind sounds so much more like the Black Album than Nevermind.

It’d take me a long time to write anything meaningful about COC, I think, since I’d need to talk about hardcore in NC and SC in the 80s, and about the ins & outs of the 23 years since Blind, and honestly I don’t really care enough about them anymore to bother. I lost track of them when I went off to college post-Technocracy, and when I moved to Raleigh in ‘92, they were just this different band with the same name, is all.

Things have been weirder since then, but it’s honestly still kinda easier to keep them categorized that way in my brain.

November 2, 2014