October 14, 2014

Got a new t-shirt. One washing & it’s already starting to flake away, so I guess it’s more a museum piece. But it brings my Cthulhu-related shirt collection to three, and my general tentacles collection to, I dunno, at least 7 or 8?

Anyway. Honestly not a lot to report today. A lot of work. Work and some nice monkfish from Saltbox Seafood, then more work, then part 1 of Lonesome Dove, which we’re watching because why not, but also because last week in the NYT magazine, Robert Duvall said it was his favorite role. He certainly is the core of the movie. So far poor Tommy Lee Jones hasn’t quite found his way out from under his Kenny Rogers hair & beard.

Short discussion about ticket scalping on Twitter. I currently feel like limiting folks to 2 tickets apiece, especially for general admission club shows, is more than sufficient, but clearly some touring acts think differently. Which is why I’ll be standing in line at will-call at the Cradle on Thursday for tUnE-yArDs, instead of printing at home like a civilized person.