Celebrating Women in Science With @rachelignotofsky

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Growing up, Rachel Ignotofsky (@rachelignotofsky) knew she was going to become either a scientist or an illustrator. The Missouri resident chose art, but now she’s combining her two passions with a series of drawings celebrating groundbreaking and often unheralded women in science.

“I wanted to do my part and celebrate these women and their accomplishments and hopefully get a younger audience familiar with them,” Rachel says. “I think that a good way to fight gender bias is to show young girls and boys strong female role models.”

So far, she’s done seven drawings out of a planned 50, highlighting women such as 19th century paleontologist Mary Anning and pioneering computer scientist Grace Hopper.

“A lot of these women are not very well known, even though their accomplishments have changed our world forever,” she says. “I want my illustrations to help spark an interest in learning more about these women. I want young girls and boys to see that no matter who they are, despite their gender, they can accomplish anything.”


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