20 years at WXDU

As I mentioned earlier, this week marked my 20th anniversary at WXDU. I was too preoccupied (and subsequently exhausted) by Hopscotch to make any big plans, and I don’t know that I would have anyway. I’m there every week, more or less, so if I want to do a big pre-planned show I can do it anytime.

Instead I just pulled a bunch of records that I really like, and played some of my favorite songs from them. It was a lot of fun, which is pretty awesome when you consider that I’ve been doing more or less that same thing every week for the past 20 years.

Here’s a recording of the show:

And here’s a listing of what was played.

I do a lot of other things at WXDU besides DJing, but I’ve never gone a semester without doing a show. It doesn’t get old, because there’s always new music arriving in the mail, every week, forever and ever. (Although I’ll admit that the vast majority of what I played this week wasn’t brand new — it felt logical & right to reach back across the past 20+ years.)

I’m always surprised when I talk to someone I know & they mention having listened to my show. It probably seems weird from the outside, but I’ve been in radio for nearly 30 years and I have always assumed that nobody was listening, while at the same time always working hard to make things as entertaining & educational as possible for anyone who happened to stumble past. My invisible nameless friends. Thank you.

20 years at WXDU

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