NC House & Senate Campaigns I’m supporting

This November’s election is probably the most important, at the state level, of any I have voted in during my 22 years as an NC resident.

I have made multiple donations to each of the candidates below over the past 6 months, and I encourage everyone else to do the same. The candidates with (LL) after their names are supported by Lillian’s List, which supports pro-choice women who are running for NC legislature. They’re particularly deserving of your donations:

Gale Adcock (LL)
John Ager
Lisa Baker
Robin Bradford
Angela Bryant (LL)
Susan Byerly (LL)
Sarah Crawford (LL)
Sue Counts (LL)
Kim Hanchette (LL)
Jane Hipps (LL)
Joe Langley
Natasha Marcus (LL)
Gene McLaurin
Graig Meyer
Cliff Moone
Brian Mountcastle
Joe Sam Queen
Elizabeth Redenbaugh (LL)
Billy Richardson
Brad Salmon
Jane Smith (LL)
Erica Smith-Ingram (LL)
Margie Storch (LL)
Brian Turner
Terry Van Duyn (LL)
Uriah Ward
Stan White

I’ve also donated to the US Senate campaigns of both Sean Haugh and Kay Hagan, and I encourage you to donate to whichever of them you find most appealing.

NC House & Senate Campaigns I’m supporting

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