October 25-26, 2014

Oh gosh I’m cheating already – 2 days in one post. Saturday I literally sat on the sofa for quite a long time. Watched M lifting weights in the NC Weightlifting Championship via internet livestream, since she had to get up at the crack of dawn to drive to Cary for the competition. They had a pretty sweet streaming setup – 3 cameras, instant replays, etc.

I had some goals for the day, and since they involved computing work, they (a) took 10x longer than I had hoped and (b) required enormous amounts of unexpected pre-work before I could do what I actually wanted to do.

This included an unanticipated upgrade to Yosemite on a machine, so that I could install XCode (I guess in retrospect I could have installed a Mountain Lion-suitable XCode from the developer website, but oh well, whatever, it’s free), so that I could install Homebrew, so that I could install Apache 2.4 & FastCGI PHP.

So anyway. Surprise, Yosemite comes with a new version of launchctl, which has been made even more arcane and confusing, so as to further punish those of us who want to run daemons or scheduled processes.

I also installed a new [shitty] smoke detector, to replace the older defective [shitty] smoke detector. Because I can’t bring myself to pay $400 for a house full of Nest smoke detectors which will still require one to push a button to shut them up.

Had dinner with M at Guglhupf, which was about the same as last time (kinda loud, pretty good food, something just not quite comfortable about it). We were literally in bed by 9:30. She’s sick, but I don’t know what my problem was. Exhausted.

Sunday I spent the entire day at the Pinhook, prepping, doing a 5.5-hour simulcast of an afternoon-long rockshow, then tearing all the stuff down & taking it back to the radio station. It’s kind of fatiguing to spend hours at a time listening intently for bad words so that you can push a little yellow button to make them disappear.

I have no idea if anyone listened/enjoyed the show. I hope at least 10 people did. 10 people seems like a reasonable number of people to entertain with 8 hours of my Sunday afternoon/evening.

Oh! In the morning I had a short Twitter exchange with Chris Suellentrop, whose reasonably interesting GamerGate op-ed in the Times was marred by a kind of ill-informed comparison to comic books. I’ll leave you to seek it out if you’re so inclined.

I’m currently 4 issues behind in New Yorker reading.

October 25-26, 2014

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