December 16-18, 2014

Been thinking a lot about anarchy lately, spurred on by the recent protests & the inevitable police intelligence reports about the anarchist bugaboo

If you go read the DPD After Action Report from 12/5, and then read the TriAnarchy blog post from the same event, it’s almost possible to synthesize a single accurate account from the two of them, since their competing filters kind of cancel each other out.

Which kind of reinforces the notion that if Scary Anarchists didn’t already exist, the police would have to invent them. The symbiotic relationship is just too perfect.

Of course there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that the police in some jurisdictions are more than happy to put on hoodies & bandannas and play the part.

Anyway. I don’t think my thoughts about anarchy as a political philosophy are even all that salient here. I would love to see capitalism dismantled, or at least severely crippled, but the last thing we need in a nation with 30 million loose guns is a complete breakdown in civil society.

I do wish that more white people would be more willing to listen to people of color when engaging in demonstrations focused on issues that disproportionately affect people of color.

Here are some bullet points I found useful:




I know there are some folks locally who disagree with the premise of those bullet points. I might politely suggest that those folks should go protest in Raleigh or something. Lord knows Raleigh needs a wake-up call.

Tuesday night I read a month’s worth of New Yorker magazines. “read.” At least 15% of each issue.

Wednesday night we watched The Skeleton Twins. Bill Hader is outstanding in it. Kristin Wiig does her best – it’s no Whip It, mind you. It was a definite rental & honestly I’d probably recommend waiting until it hits Prime.

Thursday night we watched Dead Calm, a movie that gooned the crap out of me when I watched it at home alone late one night when I was in college. It had less power tonight, on the sofa with M, pre-10pm. But it’s still a damn tight little suspense/thriller. 

December 16-18, 2014