so long, tumblr

Yesterday tumblr deleted the long-running Ask Coquette tumblog, which was one of the only reasons I joined tumblr in the first place.

They say it was her third DMCA takedown notice that did it. They also say that they tried to get her to go through the counter-notification process on her previous two strikes & she declined.

Maybe that’s true. Maybe it isn’t. 

But what’s irrefutably true is that those posts are gone, and with relatively little warning.

As far as I know, I never post copyrighted material that would trigger a DMCA takedown notice. But DMCA takedown notices are abused ALL THE TIME by people with their own weird agendas.

Although I’m not really posting anything here that is going to need to be archived in perpetuity, I nevertheless would prefer to have a little bit more control over the fate of my writing.

So: look for me at

so long, tumblr