October 15, 2014

I’m not gonna talk about how stupid it seems to allow nurses who were directly handling an Ebola-infected person to up & get on airplanes within the 3 weeks immediately thereafter. Nobody makes medical personnel stay under house arrest (voluntary or otherwise) when they’ve been working, professionally, with any of a huge variety of pathogens.

So instead I’m going to wonder how it was that these nurses hadn’t read the Hot Zone or seen any of two zillion epidemic-paranoia movies, and thus didn’t balk [or didn’t balk sufficiently strongly] at being assigned to care for the Ebola victim for 2 days before they got proper protection & training.

Rainy this morning, sunny this evening. Lingering malaise that I’m fully confident is not Ebola. Myra Breckinridge arrived in the mail today but I was too busy doing work-after-work for us to have time to watch it.

Too busy doing work to have much else to report today, in fact, which is a drag. I *did* check out James Tillman, the guy opening for tune-yards tomorrow. Very nice fragile neo-soul:

Shangri La EP by James Tillman

October 15, 2014