January 23-25, 2014

Austin was a lot of fun. For my final lunch we went to Kin and Comfort, which is a sort of asian-fusion restaurant hidden in the food court section of the local asian supermarket. Excellent fried chicken, and a pretty solid (albeit not Momofuku-grade) pork belly bun.

Now I’m back in Durham. This weekend was taken up largely with computing work for WXDU, trying to finish a fairly long & involved project to migrate a bunch of services from an aging Mac to a new Linux box. It’s amazing how much easier it is to administer a box that has a full-featured package manager as an integral part of the OS rather than an afterthought.

We had dinner Saturday night with out-of-town extended family at Guglhupf. There were no massive arguments. Small-town men of a certain age have such fragile egos. Navigating the menu at a German-influenced restaurant can be a challenge & I suppose our waiter could have been more helpful/reassuring. I guess it must be nice to work in a town where you don’t encounter that many diners who aren’t exactly sure how it all works.

Today I learned that (on Ubuntu, anyway) you can use a utility called arping to force things on your local subnet to refresh their arp caches, which is pretty handy when you’ve swapped machines & it has been ~90 minutes and you still can’t ping a migrated IP address from outside your subnet. I love the fact that I can learn new things pretty much all the time. Thanks, Internet!

Tonight we watched S2E2 of Broad City. I dunno. This season isn’t blowing me away like some episodes of the first season did. It’s a tricky tone to maintain, for sure, and maybe it’s just not maintainable for more than a dozen episodes. I’d be psyched to see Abbi & Ilana do something new, I think.

January 23-25, 2014